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Aisha Abdelhamid

A native of Long Beach, California, Aisha (formerly Kathleen) Abdelhamid is a recently naturalized citizen of Egypt, freelancing full-time from her permaculture oasis in a rural Nile Delta village. Her writing interests include climate science, renewable energy, environmental conservation, sustainable economics, health and beauty, corporate social responsibility, brand marketing, and content creation with a storytelling twist.

Retired early from the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Aisha’s career as a computer engineer included work as an Interactive Multimedia Training Author and Graphic Artist. Her latest work published in this field was commissioned by the U.S. Congress as mandatory training for all new enlistees of all branches of U.S. Military, entitled, “Personal Financial Management,” hosted by Mr. Ronnie Lott, former American NFL football star and Hall of Fame Inductee.

Aisha and her husband, Mohamed, enjoy a lifestyle rooted in the practical aspects of permaculture, i.e. conservation and sustainability. They are building their home and animal barns with green features, sustainable and recycled materials, and enjoy organic rooftop gardening. Aisha is an avid writer and photographer, actively sharing her fascinating lifestyle on multiple online platforms.

Find Aisha on Upwork.com at: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0189ece679f925732d

Find more of Aisha’s work at:

aishaabdelhamid.contently.com (full author portfolio)
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Important Media Network – Author Archive – (Comprehensive IM Author Archive)
Cleantechnica.com – the #1 site in the US for cleantech news & commentary, focusing on clean, renewable energy alternatives, such as solar energy, wind energy, electric cars, and other clean technologies. (view Aisha’s articles on Cleantechnica.com at http://cleantechnica.com/author/aishaabdelhamid)
EdenKeeper.org – a site dedicated to our faithful stewardship of creation, exploring the relationship between spirituality and environmentalism, and participating in interfaith environmental activism. (view Aisha’s EdenKeeper.org author archive at: http://edenkeeper.org/author/aishaabdelhamid)
InspiredEconomist.com – an interesting place for discussing the people, ideas, and companies that redefine capitalism, embrace social responsibility, and inspire positive change. (view Aisha’s InspiredEconomist.com author archive at: http://inspiredeconomist.com/author/aishaabdelhamid)
Planetsave.com – a very popular site for News about Science, Space, Global Warming, Renewable Energy, Animals, Nature Conservation, Eco-Travel, and How To Live The Green Life. (view Aisha’s Planetsave.com author archive at: http://planetsave.com/author/aishaabdelhamid)
SolarLove.org – the perfect source for solar energy news and commentary. From solar science, to solar policy, to solar economics, we are obsessed with solar. (view Aisha’s SolarLove.org author archive at: http://solarlove.org/author/aishaabdelhamid)
KissFromTheWorld.com – a unique online travel & people magazine packed with stories, videos, and photos shared from fascinating travel bloggers all over the world. (view Aisha’s KissFromTheWorld.com author archive at: https://www.kissfromtheworld.com/travel-blogger/aisha-abdel/blog-posts/world/by-country-u3241l.html)
AishasOasis.wordpress.com – a state of mind, as much as a place on the map of Egypt. It’s a peaceful place to relax while on my wild joyride to Egypt from South Carolina after eloping with a wonderful Egyptian Muslim man I met online. (visit Aisha’s Oasis at: https://aishasoasis.wordpress.com)
Also find Aisha on the following sites:
Facebook      Twitter     Google+     LinkedIn     FineArtAmerica

Freelancing full-time from her permaculture oasis in Egypt, Aisha has an excellent rating with a wide variety of websites, brands, and clients. Her writing interests include climate science, renewable energy, environmental conservation, sustainable economics, health and beauty, corporate social responsibility, brand marketing, and content creation with a storytelling twist. A retired Computer Engineer with the U.S. Dept. of Defense, her latest work published for the DoD was “Personal Financial Management.” Commissioned by Congress, this award-winning 10-course training set is hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, and is mandatory financial training for every branch of the US Military.
Contact Aisha on upwork.com at: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0189ece679f925732d


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